Female Intimate Waxing

perron rigot

Female Intimate Waxing 

The Basic BikiniOutside the knickerline£13.00
The High Leg BikiniHigh sides/top£17.00
The G - String BikiniHigh sides/top/butt crack£22.00
The Aussie         Labia/most pubic hair£23.00
The BrazilianButt crack/labia/most pubic hair      £28.00

The Hollywood

Everything Off!£32.00
The IbizaButt crack£18.00
The Malia           Buttocks£15.00

The New York   

Butt crack & buttocks£24.00


Pregnancy - You can be waxed throughout pregnancy as per normal, however you may be more sensitive to the treatment. Also as your pregnancy continues you will find it becomes more difficult to get into certain 'positions' for treatments. Don't worry, we will just bolster you with pillows to get you as comfortable as we can.


We WILL still wax you if your period starts unexpectedly. Please wear a tampon and advise us prior to treatment commencing.