Female Waxing

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Female Waxing

Facial Waxing 
Brows  £6.00
Nostrils~painless technique       £6.00
Ear Lobes£5.00
Upper Lip£6.00 
Chin      £6.00 
Upper Lip & Chin      £10.50 
Neck~front or back£7.00 
Sides of Face£8.00 
Cheek Bones    £7.00 
Hairline~ forehead£12.00 
Full Face£24.00 
Upper Body Waxing 
Under Arms      £7.00
Forearms~inc elbow & hands£14.00 
Upper Arms~inc elbow£10.00
Full Arm~inc hands£20.00 
Hands  £7.00
Small of Back     £7.00 
Lower Body Waxing 
Lower Leg~inc knees & feet£17.00
Upper Leg~inc knees£17.00 
3/4 Legs~inc knees & feet£21.00 
Full Leg ~inc knees & feet£29.00 
Full Leg & Basic Bikini     £32.00 
Feet      £6.00 

 pregnant bumpCongratulations You're Pregnant

We wax through the full pregnancy from beginning to end to allow you to keep tidy throughout.

Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your treatment.

If you start your period unexpectedly please note we WILL still wax you. Please just wear a tampon & advise us prior to starting the treatment.